What We Do

Racial Healing International believes that the brutal killing of innocent men, women, and children through centuries of colonization, including the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, segregation, apartheid, lynching, genocide, ferocious wars against decolonization, or outright injustice was wrong, unjust and the effects are still visible.

We recognize that colonization was the global face of racism, and racism has done real psychic damage not just to Black people, but to White people, too.

We cannot pretend that colonization did not happen, or just play it off. Racism borne of colonization is like a disease that must be treated.

Our work is devoted exclusively to addressing historic and contemporary effects of racism by setting up innovative projects, and creating partnerships that unlock pathways to opportunities that strengthen public education, increase informed civic engagement, and advance transformative solidarity efforts as a collective force for reconciliation and racial healing.

Our current priority is to galvanize support for the creation of the world’s first and only international colonization memorial in Houston, Texas. This tribute of remembrance to honor millions of people killed around the world during the horrific chapter of colonization will help people of every color and creed to acknowledge the ugly history of racial injustice, reconcile its painful legacy, and start the process of healing the emotional wounds of descendant communities.

The Memorial will bring together over 170 countries to the shores of Houston, provide Houston an international tourist destination and add to its status as the city of legendary hospitality, where more than 145 languages are spoken by residents.

Beside informing present-day discussions of race relations, promoting tourism and resilience, amplifying creativity in the City of Houston, enhancing arts ecosystem, and advancing equity of opportunity for all, we believe this initiative is an essential element for a vibrant, thriving, and inclusive Houston.