A Call To Action

French soldiers pose with the decapitated heads of indigenous French Cameroun nationalists in 1955

Across the world, something happened that was wrong and unjust, and too few people have talked about it. In populations that were disproportionately color, colonization brought loss and grief on a scale never known. From targeted assassinations to extrajudicial executions, massacres, and genocides, millions of people were killed just because they showed too much dignity, too much humanity, and just wanted to be respected as human beings.

And so, kindly have your say in our work and help us be there for victims of colonization - men, women and children killed in the worst of circumstances whose voices cannot be heard. Until there is a final resting place for victims of colonization from around the world, RHI will not stop.

We are relying on volunteer support to erect this essential and long-overdue memorial. 

Please volunteer today and appeal earnestly via letter writing or a phone call to governments that profited significantly from the deplorable practice of colonization, long-standing multinational oil and gas companies that functioned as a state within a state in many Third World countries, shoring up murderous regimes and fueling internal armed conflicts; Universities that sought and accepted money from slave owners/traders, and helped to create scientific racism; or corporations whose business empire started in slave trade, had a part in the business of slavery, or whose founding partners owned enslaved Africans. 

As a volunteer, your support can compel these powerful entities to join efforts in setting up UNCM and help heal the emotional wounds of descendant communities.

As the non-profit that will manage and run the United Nations Colonization Memorial, and with the memorial expected to be one of the most powerful and effective new memorials created in a generation, Racial Healing International is extending an invitation to people with unique leadership expertise in Houston to join the RHI Board of Directors. 

RHI strongly believes that without the contribution and effort of an extraordinary team of dedicated, committed, and knowledgeable Houstonians we will not be able to tackle this momentous task.   

Be part of a small action with a big difference, whatever you want to do, please send us an email: info@racialhealinginternational.org