"Racial Healing International was conceived to setup the United Nations Colonization Memorial - a tribute of remembrance to honor millions of people killed around the world during the horrific chapter of colonization"

Racial Healing International (RHI) is an international non-governmental organization devoted exclusively to addressing historic and contemporary effects of colonization, a dark period of racial terrorism in our past that though most people would rather forget, casts a shadow across the world and compromise our commitment to reconciliation, racial equity, and healing.

At a time when the legacy of racial bias borne of colonization persists, and the need for racial equity has never been more urgent, there is a reckoning taking place around the world over how we remember our history. Though much of the focus has been to take down monuments that celebrate racist historical figures, RHI was conceived to galvanize support and give an unmatched impetus for the construction of a single memorial to commemorate victims of colonization around the world.

Beside calling the international community to acknowledgement, to shame and to repentance, this long-overdue United Nations Colonization Memorial (UNCM) will advance a new era of truth, inform present-day discussions of race relations, and help the world recover from centuries of racial injustice.

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